There are some simple things one can do to reduce the risk of accidents and help enhance safety at home.

Have a look round your home to check what simple things you can do to make your home as safe as possible:
  • Have smoke alarms installed professionally inside the house.
  • Avoid walking in socks, tights or bare feet. Wear well-fitting slippers.
  • Clear pathways of electrical cords, furniture, and other clutter.
  • Put regularly used items within easy reach, i.e. at waist or counter level.
  • Put night lights in bathrooms and on stairs.
  • Secure floor coverings with non-slip pads or remove loose rugs or carpets that can be a trip-hazard.
  • Install handrails, grab bars, and tub mats in the bathroom.
  • Consider getting and wearing a personal alarm, particularly for older people who live alone.
  • Consider installing a handrail or ramp if there are stairs