Falls are a common concern as we get older, but a lot can be done to reduce the chance of future falls.

A fall may be the first indication of an undetected illness so it is important to report any falls to your healthcare team for assessment.

The Falls Clinic runs twice a week consultant-led session, with assistance from staff nurses and physiotherapists.

The clinic accepts patients aged 65 years and older who have experienced a mobility impairment related fall incident.

Contact number is 44393103 between the hours of 7 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday.

Approximately 30% of people over the age 65 fall annually and nearly a third of these often suffer injuries that reduce mobility and independence and can even increase the risk of premature mortality. This rate is even higher for those aged over 75. 

The slowing-down process in older age can affect balance and weaken muscles, leading to an increased risk of falling. But both balance and muscle strength will be improved simply by keeping more active and physically fit.