• Have you noticed it is taking longer to get yourself ready than it used to? 

  • That you need more time to get things done than before?

  • These can be signs that you have started slowing down.

Maybe you have noticed that you are a little slower than you used to be or perhaps your family and friends have commented on a change in your mobility. You can try a simple test to see if the ‘slowing-down’ process of later life is affecting you. 

Check your speed

The Walking Speed test or Timed Up and Go test can be done easily at home. All you need is a tape measure and a watch with a second hand or a mobile phone with a stopwatch function.

But only attempt this exercise under supervision, especially if you are at risk of falling.

Increase your safety with a simple mobility test at home

If you take more than 5 seconds, you might be experiencing the slowing down effect. Of course, some of us walk slowly for other reasons, such as arthritis, but the test will give you a good indication of your general fitness. If you have slowed down then this guide will help improve your health and general fitness.

Timed Up and Go Test video online: