In Qatar we currently conduct kidney and liver transplant surgery. All donation and transplant surgeries are done so under the Doha Donation Accord. This Accord has received endorsement from the International Society for Organ Transplantation as well as by the Istanbul Declaration Custodian Group (international experts in professional and ethical organ donation and transplantation). The aim of the  Accord is to protect patients and ensure the safest, most effective and truly ethical care for all.
Key things to note about the program in Qatar are:
  • All procedures, related to organ donation and transplantation in the State of Qatar are free of charge for all patients; both Qatari and non-Qatari citizens.
  • There is one waiting list for organ transplantation for Qatari and non-Qatari citizens. This feature is distinct to Qatar and differentiates the program from that of other neighboring countries.
  • If you are sick or injured, the number one priority of the medical team is to save your life. Organ and tissue donation can be pursued only after all efforts to save your life have failed, after you are declared dead and after your family has been consulted. 
  • The organs to be donated are removed from the donor’s body through surgery that is done carefully and precisely and will not disfigure the body. A traditional burial or funeral service, in accordance with the donor’s faith, is still possible.
  • Donor surgery for kidney transplantation is carried out through laparoscopy, which is an advanced surgical technique involving only a small incision.
  • No organ retrieval from a living donor will be carried out before making sure the donor’s health will not be adversely affected and there is no risk of serious consequences.