Dr. Yousuf Al Maslamani

Dr. Al Maslamani has been a Consultant in General Surgery and Kidney Transplantation since 2001. He received his MBBS in 1988 and his fellowship in 1993 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Al Maslamani is the Head of the Kidney Transplant Section, the Chairman of the Organ Transplant Committee and one of the Chairpersons of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Organ Transplantation Congress. Dr. Al Maslamani is currently the Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital and the Director of the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation at HMC. Dr. Al Maslamani is also Asst. Proffoser of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College at Qatar.

Dr. Hatem Khalaf

Dr. Khalaf is a Senior Consultant and Transplant Program Director at the Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation and also a professor of surgery and senior consultant surgeon with a special interest in liver transplantation and hepatobiliary-pancreatic surgery. He is currently the Secretary General of the Pan Arab Liver Transplant Society (PALTS) and has has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and 110 abstracts and presentations at international meetings. He led the surgical team that performed the first liver transplant in Qatar.

Prof. Riadh Fadhil

Prof. Fadhil is a Senior Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon and has been a professor of urology and transplant surgery since 2000. He completed his medical studies in Baghdad 1977 and his surgical fellowship in the UK in 1985. Dr. Fadhil joined the Department of Surgery at HMC in 2004 as a Senior.

Consultant in Urology and Transplant Surgeon and became the Chairman of the Organ Transplant Task Force in 2010. During his 25 years in the field of transplantation he has founded two national kidney transplant programs, edited two scientific medical journals and served as Dean of Al Nahrain College of Medicine, Baghdad. In 2012. He was also awarded an honorary fellowship of European Board of Surgery. Currently he is the Director of Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba).

Dr. Omar Isam Mohammed Al
Consultant Urologist and Transplant surgeon

Dr. Omar obtained an M.B.Ch.B degree in medicine from University of Baghdad, Iraq 1996. He completed specialist multi–organ retrieval and transplantation at The University Clinic of Essen, Germany in 2010.

Dr. Abdul Qadir Al Obaidly 
Consultant Urologist

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Razek Khalil 
Specialist in Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplantation