Private Nursing Services continued to conduct Compassionate Human Interaction (CHI) Phase 3 for the nurses in the community after official approval from Planetree International Team. Phase 3 is focusing on the mental wellbeing of our nurses in the community. The PNS Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) and our UBC recommended this training due to the challenges the staff faced during COVID-19 Pandemic such as compassionate burnout leading to compromise rendered care toward the patients. Therefore, this training will help nurses to recognize their concerns, communicate their feelings and build a support system, to be able to cope with challenges which serves as a vital role in the overall staff wellbeing. These experiential training sessions includes both PNS staff and our Outsourcing Nursing Agencies partner’s staff. PNS CHI Facilitators have conducted the latest sessions on 23rd February 2023 with a total (58) of attendees. The sessions were very interactive, and the nurses were able to share their insights and enjoyed the group activities as well. PNS are planning to conduct CHI experiential training on a monthly basis.

In parallel to the ongoing CHI Phase 3, PNS is working on the developing the Arabic CHI which was recommended by the PFAC members during May 2021 as we aim to improve patient and staff experience.