​Psoriasis patients are at a higher risk of skin infection
At the most basic level, psoriasis is uncomfortable, may be itchy and can make everyday tasks, such as taking a shower more difficult. This is a reality for the majority of psoriasis patients. Excessive itching makes psoriasis patients vulnerable to bacterial skin infection and thickened skin. 
The following actions may help: 
  • Avoid itching where possible – try patting with the palm of your hand rather than using your nails (nails carry bacteria). For children, try comfortable lightweight cotton gloves for bedtime. Specialist gloves are available. 
  • Look after your skin – keeping it clean and moisturized. 
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle to avoid worsening your symptoms. For example, stop smoking and maintain healthy eating habits to avoid gaining weight. 
  • Using some medications, such as antihistamines, may help to reduce symptoms. 
  • Using suitable moisturizing creams may help in reducing the symptoms. Please discuss this with your physician.