Psoriasis is a chronic (long term) skin disease affecting approximately three percent of the Qatari population. It has a range of physical, emotional and social effects. At Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), we offer a range of treatments and education to facilitate the management of this condition to patients and their families. We also work towards raising awareness of this commonly misunderstood disease.
How we can help

HMC has internationally trained dermatology (skin) specialists ready to assist in the treatment of psoriasis at every level. As experienced experts in their field, they are equipped to advise on the best course of treatment for each case. They also have invaluable insight into the physical, emotional and social effects that often accompany the disease.
What you can learn from this site 
  • About psoriasis
  • The different types
  • What causes it
  • What can trigger it
  • How it is treated
  • How to help yourself
  • Associated complications
  • Associated emotional and social effects
  • How to access HMC's services