​What is the Academic health system in Qatar?
The Academic Health System (AHS) was launched in Qatar in 2011 and is an innovative partnership working towards transforming healthcare in the country. This is the first partnership of its kind in the MENA region and the world’s first nation-wide academic health system. Our AHS has eight partner organizations all based in Qatar and HMC is proud to be one of these partners. An academic health system is based on three interconnected pillars; clinical care, research and education. Over the next five years, the AHS will improve standards of patient care, help train the next generation of clinical and scientific leaders in Qatar and support world-class research. 
Why is it significant that it is an international model?
The AHS model is tried and tested. It has been adopted by some of the most prestigious healthcare systems across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Learning from international experience, the International Advisory Board for Qatar’s AHS comprises high profile, international experts in health, education and research.
What does the AHS mean for services at HMC?
In support of its quest to transform into an AHS, HMC is squarely focused on supporting its world renowned experts in the development and practice of specialist research. Currently HMC is facilitating a number of patient-centered research programs.