​The first step
If you are concerned that you have developed psoriasis, you should make an appointment to see a primary care physician. In many cases they will be able to prescribe effective treatment directly. More complex cases will be referred to a dermatology specialist. Appointments to see HMC’s dermatology specialists can only be made with a valid referral. Referrals can be obtained from a Primary Healthcare Clinic (PHCC), private clinic or from another doctor within HMC if they are referring you across specialties.
HMC provide a specialist service
Our internationally trained specialists are so named because of their qualifications and experience in practicing medicine within a specific field, making them the most equipped to treat the disease. 
Making an appointment at HMC:
  • You will require a referral from a primary care physician (or another doctor within HMC if you are being referred across specialties). 
  • You cannot make an appointment without a referral. 
  • Please take your referral to the Dermatology Reception at Rumailah. They will assist you with scheduling a suitable appointment with a specialist.
*Please note, in the near future, appointment systems will be automated to make accessing our services even more convenient.