1. What is the QoL program?
    The Quality of Life program is a tailored and customized solution to address the needs of the cancer community from the healthcare point of view. It involves a team from NCCCR at Hamad Medical Corporation, community members and volunteers that channel the support to address these needs. Currently we are working with cancer patients and aiming at covering all healthcare disciplines in the future.

  2. What support is offered by the QoL team?
    The Quality of Life team supports cancer patients at every step of their journey to offer them and their families physical, educational, psychological, emotional, social, financial and vocational support during the illness they experience and after they survive it.

  3. When should a cancer patient start receiving support?
    The support is provided from day one of the patient being received by the QoL team.

  4. What support can I expect from the QoL team?
    There are three main areas where support is offered, in hospital, out of hospital and community support. These three lines of support aim to cover all aspects of life for patients in a flexible and congruent way.

  5. Who can benefit from QoL support?
    The support is offered to every cancer patient living in Qatar regardless of their nationality, religion, race, etc. It is free and provided with the same quality, compassion and willingness to help those in need.

  6. Was any research carried out by HMC prior to the establishment of this program?
    Yes, the QoL service started based on a needs analysis of the community that require healthcare. As a starting point we targeted cancer patients and will be expanding the service to cover other disciplines.