Message from the Chair

To everyone who is affected by cancer, whether directly or indirectly, I am proud that the Quality of Life (QoL) team is committed to dedicating all possible resources to help you in every way you desire. We exist to normalize your life, to anticipate what might disturb you and to empower you to deal with challenges and regain control of life under these new experiences you are going through.

Our professional experience allows us to foresee what might happen and to collaborate with our colleagues to manage it in an appropriate way to your own point of view.

Our colleagues are true assets and while meeting the demands of your care, we, in QoL look also after their wellbeing, offering them QoL education and help through their research and professional careers. 

The warmth that we carry our duty with and towards all does not come only from our compassion towards fellow human beings but also from the zeal and dedication of the healthcare leadership in its sincere efforts to transition the system from hospitals and physicians to being patient and family focused. This vision could take a boost via the QoL clinical service that is tailored to the Qatar healthcare system needs.

The wider community of Qatar is eager to support you and we channel this support in efficient and safe ways to ease your journey through the challenging cancer experience.

Chair of the QoL Committee

Prof. Hisham Morsi
Lead of Quality of Life and Transitional Care