Design Overview
  • The study is a cross-sectional community-based investigation that will compare markers of early or future cardiovascular disease and lung function in waterpipe (argile/shisha) smokers with those of individuals who have never smoked.

Study Participants:
  • 220 waterpipe (argile/shisha) smoking individuals and 220 non-smokers will be invited to participate in the study from communities in Lebanon and Qatar.
  • We would like to evaluate individuals with significant smoking history; those who have smoked waterpipes (argile/shisha) for more than 10 years.
  • Cigarette smokers and patients with history of pulmonary disease (asthma, bronchiectasis, fibrosis), diabetes and renal failure will be excluded. 

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:

Study Procedures:
  • Study participants will be interviewed regarding their smoking habits and health status. Blood and urine will be collected for testing.
  • The participants will undergo a chest CT scan to look for heart disease and a breathing test to measure their lung function.