The Clinic

The percentage of smokers in Qatar is estimated to be around 37 per cent of locals and residents. To avoid the harmful effects of smoking and to show the positive outcome of quitting on health, Hamad Medical Corporation offers a clinic to fight against smoking.
This clinic opened has been open since 1999 and welcomes locals and residents, providing free preventive and curative services to everyone.
The number of people who visit this clinic is around 700 annually. We are able to help around 40 per cent of them quit smoking. Many types of treatment and psychological consultations are offered as well as replacements for nicotine and medicine.
You can reach the clinic in many ways either by calling the appointments department directly or by referral from any doctor from Hamad Medical Corporation or government health centers.
Clinic Supervisor:
7am - 3pm
5:30pm - 9pm
7am - 11am
Heart Hospital Clinic
12 noon - 3pm