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Our dedicated teams have been providing safe, effective and compassionate care to Qatar’s population since Hamad Medical Corporation was established by Emiri decree in 1979. 

Under the direction of Qatar’s visionary leaders, we are proud to have delivered a wide range of healthcare services to millions of people throughout the past 40 years.

Good health is central to a productive and fulfilling life. As the main provider of specialist healthcare services in Qatar, Hamad has had an enormous impact on the lives of the nation’s population. 

In challenging times, when people fall sick, our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals have been there to look after them. And in times of joy, when welcoming new babies into the world, we have been there to ensure safe delivery. 

Looking back over the past 40 years, the rate of progress across Hamad is quite remarkable. It is hard to think of another healthcare provider anywhere in the world that has undergone this scale of transformation.

Hamad has grown from one hospital, Rumailah Hospital, in 1979 to 12 at present while the number of patients being cared for by our teams has grown at an exponential rate. This expansion has been driven by the growth and development of Qatar, under its visionary leaders. 

This website provides an overview of some of the key milestones in Hamad’s history, as well as an insight into Hamad’s transformation through the minds of some of our longest-serving employees. 

I am truly proud of Hamad’s transformation, not only in terms of capacity but quality as well. Hamad is now a healthcare provider that ranks alongside the world’s best and it is the tens of thousands of dedicated staff who have worked at Hamad over the past 40 years who have driven this success. 

H.E. Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari
Minister of Public Health 
Managing Director of Hamad Medical Corporation

Mr Ali Abdulla Al Khater
Chief Communications Officer

For the past 40 years Hamad Medical Corporation has provided an essential service within Qatar’s society, delivering a wide range of high-quality healthcare services to the nation’s population.

Guided by Qatar’s ambitious leaders, Hamad has undergone an exceptional transformation over the past four decades. As an organization, Hamad has kept pace with the rapid growth and development of the nation. This progress is evident in both the expansion of facilities as well as improved quality of care.

The advancement of technology has dramatically changed the way in which healthcare services are delivered around the world, and at Hamad we have embraced this change. We have introduced some of the world’s most advanced medical technology across our system, all for the benefit of our patients.

Looking through this book provides a visual reminder of how significantly many areas of our system have changed. Paper-based patient records have been replaced with a state-of-the-art online system, simple imaging tools have given way to complex diagnostic equipment, and basic operating theaters have been upgraded to the most advanced of their kind in the world.

While the introduction of technology and expansion of facilities across Hamad has been exceptional, what has remained constant is the dedication and passion of our workforce. The number of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff across Hamad has grown immeasurably over the past 40 years, yet the many thousands of staff who have been part of Hamad’s journey have all worked with the same high levels of compassion, drive and expertize.

At Hamad, we understand the needs of our patients, and we are committed to the future development and expansion of our services to ensure we provide the best care possible to our patients for generations to come.

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