​​​Star of Excellence

MyHealth Patient Portal

MyHealth Patient Portal is an innovative and collaborative project between HMC and PHCC. 

Patient portal was introduced to provide the people of Qatar with secure access to one’s Electronic Personal Health Record online through a dedicated website www.myhealth.qa and also through a Mobile App (HealtheLife app) that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anytime. This initiative allowed patients to have direct access to some of the important information about their health that previously was only provided through medical records or the Call Center.

A range of information is available on the MyHealth Portal that enables the patient to view the following information including upcoming appointments, laboratory results, current medications, secure messaging – physician/patient interaction, procedure reports, discharge summary, allergies and vaccinations. 

MyHealth Patient Portal  primary goal is to provide the people of Qatar with an innovative and simple solution to maintain their Electronic Personal Health Record online which is easily accessed from anywhere around the world.


​​​Rising Star

HFD Gateway Approach to Project Delivery

The ‘Gateway Approach to Project Delivery’ provides a roadmap of activities, process flows and controls to Project Management teams by standardizing the project delivery method throughout its lifecycle, providing clear vision to project management teams, transparency for Executive Management monitoring and control over the undertaken projects. 

Through the Gateway Approach, HFD now offers a standardized methodology reflecting internal consistency and guidance for HFD personnel, as well as externally influencing contractors and consultants to warrant the delivery of projects on time and in compliance with JCI-endorsed HFD’s procedures. 

The goal is to provide a formal, process-oriented, systemic method for managing and delivering high quality projects for HMC in line with requirements of JCI accreditation and recognized international Project Management best practices.

The ‘Gateway Approach to Project Delivery’ landscape was identified through extensive workshops with different stakeholders from varied departments with over 150 Project stakeholders (across HFD in particular and HMC in general) over the course of a year.

​​​Awards of Merit

Reduction of Road Traffic Accidents Involving HMCAS

The main goal of this project is to reduce the number of road traffic accidents (RTAs) involving Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service (HMCAS) vehicles. The rate of RTAs was at an unacceptable level, which needed to be addressed.

With the increased demand and expansion of the HMCAS services, the ambulance service is expected to exceed 16 million kilometers driven by the HMCAS fleet of vehicles in 2017. 

The outcome of the project shows an increase in staff awareness, enhanced culture of safety, staff cooperation along every level from the Executive level to front-line staff providing patient care. The ambulance service also collaborated with the RACS Team using their expertise and insight on how to address the complex challenges of this project, ensuring the optimum project outcome based on data collected throughout the project.

ACC Operational Commissioning and Clinical Activation

This project is an integrated ‘Operational Excellence Platform (OEP)’ providing end-to-end support across all OPD services in ACC ensuring high availability to end users and patient care with core values of excellence, service motivation, stewardship, integrity and inclusiveness.

ACC services clinical operational commissioning and activation project goals are aligned with the Qatar National Health Strategy (2018-2022) to fulfill the five system wide priorities mainly aimed at Ensuring a streamlined patient flow, reducing queuing for patients in the ACC, Reducing patient waiting times, Empowering physicians and promoting ownership of patient care, Building national workforce capacity on all levels and improving emergency and disaster response readiness.