Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari
(Chair of the Patient Experience Forum Steering Committee) 
Acting Chief Medical Officer

Nasser Al Naimi
(Co-Chair of the Patient Experience Forum Steering Committee) 
Deputy Chief of Quality, Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement and 
Director, Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Qatar’s very first Patient Experience Forum which is being brought to you by Hamad Medical Corporation in partnership with internationally renowned US-based healthcare consultants Planetree International.

The Forum which is expected to attract professionals from across Qatar and the region, is not only aimed at improving healthcare professionals’ understanding of what great patient care is all about but also developing the skills needed to ensure a patient’s care experience is overwhelmingly positive.

Ensuring that every interaction between ourselves as caregivers and our patients is positive and being constantly mindful about how our behavior can impact how they and their family feel about their entire healthcare experience, will help us to deliver care that is patient-centered (also known as 'person-centered care). 

This means putting the patient at the ‘center’ of their healthcare experience and involving them in every decision about their health. It is also about treating them in the way they want to be treated – with dignity and with respect for their values, preferences and needs. 

Delivering  high-quality care is at the heart of  what HMC and this conference is about and I encourage everyone who is working in patient facing care to attend. 

By developing and improving our skills we can ensure the care we provide is the best that it can be and in doing so honor the trust which our patients and their families place in us every single day.
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