​Strengthening the capacity of our researchers to do research is one of the goals of the MRC. Our partners in achieving this goal are the various departments of HMC and the institutions that foster research within Qatar. To achieve that goal, we adopt a team approach that involves basic research training, bettering communication, self-evaluation and provision of research support that would help organizations and researchers expand their knowledge by training, strengthening their research capacity, sharing their research findings with others and thus contributing to change.

You can find information and guidelines about the submission process in this website, we recommend all the researchers to go through these guidelines before start submitting the research.

You can submit your research applications using our ABHATH online system, you can access the submission system via the ‘ABHATH-Online Submission' link under the Submit Your Research tab. Once submitted, your application will be considered by the MRC review team and if it passes initial screening, it will be sent for scientific review by experts in your field.

You can track the status of your submitted application online in the ABHATH system. Use the reference number you received after submission to track your submission. Once you are ready to submit please go through the submission guidelines which can ease your process.