Itqan Clinical Simulation & Innovation Center is a 10,000 square meter purpose-built environment for clinical learning. The Center has four floors, each designed for specific simulated learning environments. 

The ground floor offers a 400-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities that allow experiences to be broadcast within the facility as well as outside. A large classroom space can be divided into up to four individual classrooms. Two identical 8-bed skills labs complete the ground floor learning spaces which are enhanced by numerous social spaces. 

The first floor houses the virtual reality laboratory, two debriefing rooms, and ten rooms designed as clinical outpatient settings. A standardized patient lounge and two moulage rooms complete the floor. 

The second floor offers two functional operating theatres, two labor and delivery suites, four patient rooms, and four debriefing rooms. The Medical Library and numerous social spaces complete these two floors. 

Our third floor houses the piping (water, air conditioning, etc) that keep the building comfortable.

The fourth floor is home to the surgical skills lab with ten positions that can be used for animal, cadaver, and robotic surgical training. Two debriefing rooms are provided. 

To learn more about each of these areas, click on the tabs or join our digital tour.

Digital Tour

The password to access this tour is: Itqan135