​Ground/1st Floors


Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center has a state-of-the-art auditorium with capacity for 400 people (322 ground floor, 88 balcony). The auditorium features full audiovisual integration. Broadcast capabilities are available using Polycom. The Auditorium enables the hosting of conferences, symposia, and campus-wide events.

Ground Floor

Classrooms 1-4

The classrooms are designed for lectures and classroom workshop activities. They are also used for high-stakes written and computer-based examinations. A state-of-the-art audiovisual system enhances teaching and learning. 

This space can be configured from one large classroom to up to 4 smaller classrooms to accommodate several courses at once. A lecturn, laptop, microphone, white board, and flip chart are available in each room.

1st/2nd/4th Floors

Debriefing Rooms

There are multiple debriefing rooms on the first, second, and fourth floors of Itqan. These rooms are used to conduct orientation, prebriefing, observation, debriefing, and evaluations. They can also be used for classroom space. Each room has lecturn, computer, microphone, whiteboard, flip chart, projectors, and flat screen TVs for video playback. 

2nd/4th Floors

Multipurpose Rooms/Halls
A multipurpose hall is located on the second floor of the building near the medical library. Two multipurpose halls are located on the fourth floor across from the surgical skills lab. These room can be used for prebriefing, observation, and debriefing, as well as for lectures and small classroom-based activities.