Core Education And Training Environments

Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center offers simulation experiences using a wide variety of simulation methods. Each type of simulation activity is aligned with a simulation learning environment. For example, learning psychomotor skills aligns well with the skills labs located on the ground floor. Learning communication, prioritization, and individual patient assessment aligns well with the individual clinic rooms on the first floor. These rooms are also perfect for conducting Objective Structured Clinical Evaluations (OSCEs). The second floor has patient care rooms where one or more simulated patients can be cared for in rooms that are set up as general hospital rooms, labor and delivery suites, as well as operating theaters that also function as intensive care units. The fourth floor houses the Surgical Skills Lab, also known as a Wet Lab. Click on the tabs to the left to visit each floor. Then return to Our Facilities to explore more spaces inside Itqan!