Infection prevention and control (IPC) aims to provide suitable and enough instruction, information and training to all CDC healthcare workers. This is to ensure that the workforce is competent in terms of infection prevention and control insights to carry out the activities of their role. Also, IPC must ensure that they remain competent by providing training at appropriate intervals. Prevention of infections is the common primary aim of healthcare workers, regardless of which service they work in. With that, they must be equipped with the needed information on how infections occur, how different micro-organisms spread, and the skills they need in preventing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, all healthcare workers need to be aware of the policies and procedures in order to meet the expected standards, demonstrating to service users that they are continually working towards ensuring that optimal standards of care are delivered.

Training and education were shared to the following:
  • All CDC healthcare worker and support services
  • Resident and fellow physicians
  • Students
  • Contractors
  • Community physicians