At the Communicable Disease Center (CDC), we believe visitors play an important role in contributing to patient recovery. We therefore warmly welcome visitors to the hospital but have some guidance in place to ensure we maintain our high standards of patient, family and visitor safety and care.

You should not visit a relative or a friend at the hospital if you have an active infection such as a respiratory tract infection.

The CDC continually strives to mitigate the risk of exposure to patients and the visiting public within the center.
  • Patient shall be asked about preferred visiting hours and preferred visitor(s). 
  • Visitors with cold, flu or other upper respiratory infection or other communicable diseases are discouraged from visiting the patient. 
  • Requests by patients for overnight visitors will be allowed based on the patient condition and clinical decision
  • All visitors should report to the Nurses' Station for specific instructions and education regarding the proper precautions and ensures visitation is not restricted based on patient request.
  • Visitors who fail to comply with the isolation precautions will be instructed again on the importance of isolation precautions and the risks of infection transmission to the visitor and to others. The visitor may be asked to leave the patient's room and/or the hospital if he/she shows noncompliance to PPE
  • Only two visitors are allowed inside the patient room at the same time for 30 minutes duration to minimize the exposure to Infectious disease except for non- infectious patients. 
  • All visitors, any inpatient unit are required to wear a visitor Identification (ID) badge issued by the security before going to the unit.