WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Ageing and Dementia

Integrated Care for Older Persons

The role of the CC in this area is to assist WHO in developing and implementing strategies for Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE). The CC has already been instrumental in developing an ICOPE tool integrated in the Electronic medical record system, and in conducting initial training workshops with PHCC. Pilot ICOPE clinics are currently running.

The CC will assist WHO in developing a regional strategy for integrating ICOPE in PHC services though conducting literature review, collecting information, and providing inputs to assist WHO to develop the regional strategy, and in developing regional framework for implementation of comprehensive elderly care ICOPE.

Long Term care

WHO has created the framework for countries to achieve an integrated continuum of long-term care with contribution from Qatar. Under this activity, Qatar will provide technical assistance to WHO in delivering and facilitating training workshops on long-term healthcare systems and programs to develop country capability in building efficient long-term care.

Dementia Care

Qatar has had significant achievements in the field of dementia care through the Qatar National Dementia Plan development and implementation, and the National Healthy Ageing initiative. As part of the CC workplan, the centre will provide technical support to WHO for development of Dementia policies and legislations through reviewing documents and providing inputs based on good practices and best experiences and assist WHO to support member states in developing dementia polices and legislation and participate in capacity building activities.

Research & Education

Under this activity, the CC will support fostering ageing research and dissemination among health institutes and organizations. The workplan for the CC includes assisting WHO in collecting, documenting and conducting innovative research to minimize the knowledge gaps on ageing by fostering a collaborative environment among local, regional and global institutions; assisting WHO in production of technical papers/brief articles to disseminate information on aging and healthy aging through the lifecycle. The CC will also assist WHO in Ageing Research Training and Education and participate in data dissemination among healthcare and public health institutions.