The Emergency Department at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital provides emergency care for medical, surgical and trauma patients who have been examined and assessed (triaged) and then accepted for treatment. If a triage doctor or nurse assesses a patient and believes that treatment would be more appropriate in another healthcare setting, the patient may then be referred to a different facility for treatment after providing the initial treatment (if needed) and ensuring a safe transfer.  

This treatment could take place for example at a primary healthcare facility such as Qatar Red Crescent or another HMC facility if it is medically safe to transfer the patient. This integration of services across the public health network will ensure patents receive the best possible care for their treatment needs.

Patients who self-present at the Emergency Department (except for genuine emergency cases)   will  be triaged and directed to a Qatar Red Crescent clinic or appropriately referred to one of the hospital’s services as appropriate.

Patients requiring mental health services will be triaged and transferred to another of our HMC hospitals which offer a mental health service. Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital does however offer a 24/7 psychiatry consultation liaison service as part of the Emergency Department services.

Providing patients with the most appropriate care across Qatar’s public health care network 

We believe that it is important for patients to be seen by the healthcare provider best suited to provide the level of treatment and care available within the HMC network of hospitals as well as the wider public healthcare network.

Patients arriving at HMGH who present with a condition better suited to treatment elsewhere - for example a minor illness such a sore throat or earache - will be referred to another facility such as Qatar Red Crescent or Primary Health Care Corporation.

Patients requiring a more complex level of care, will be clinically assessed, and transferred to another HMC facility if they are well enough for this. If not, they will first be provided with emergency treatment and then safely transferred to the most appropriate HMC facility. 

Patients from other HMC facilities that require long-term care are unfortunately unable to be treated at HMGH as it is not resourced for this type of treatment.