Nurses and midwives are essential to the delivery of safe, effective and compassionate healthcare at HMC; they are among the most visible, and trusted members of the patient care team.

Our nurses at HMC work to promote health, prevent disease and help their patients cope with illness. They are advocates for their patients, and the families of their patients, and are committed to providing care with dignity, respect and compassion. 

We have over 12,000 nurses working across hospitals, clinics, homecare and residential services. They support their patients through some of the most significant moments in their lives, including birth, death, diagnosis, treatment and recovery and are increasingly taking on specialized roles to provide the most effective patient care that reflects international best practice.

We have a truly multi-cultural group of healthcare professionals working at HMC, reflecting the multi-cultural diversity of the population in Qatar and the patients we serve. This is reflected by the rich diversity in nationalities of our nurses who come from originate from at least 45 different countries.