The National Obesity Treatment Center under the auspices of the Qatar Metabolic Institute is a patient-centered clinic for comprehensive weight management. Located in Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, building 311, the Bariatric and Medical Weight Management Service delivers holistic, multidisciplinary care for patients with obesity and complications such as diabetes. 

Staffed by doctors, nurses, dieticians, and physiotherapists, the National Obesity Treatment Center centralizes and coordinates the care of patients seeking healthier weight. All patients entering the medical or surgical programs of care within the National Obesity Treatment Center complete a comprehensive clinical evaluation of which is reviewed and used by the treatment team and the senior consultant to develop a personalized treatment plan which may include surgery, endoscopic (balloon) procedures or medical weight management. All plans emphasize healthier eating and incorporate physical activity goals. Follow-up visits are structured and compulsory for all patients that enter into the weight management programs at the National Obesity Treatment Center to ensure their success.

The goals of the National Obesity Treatment Center are in line with the National Health Strategy and emphasize effective, compassionate care for the prevention of weight-related diseases.