Pre-assessment Group Session

The National Obesity Treatment Center at Qatar Metabolic Institute is a patient- centered clinic for comprehensive weight management. We know you are eagerly waiting for your appointments and we are committed to seeing you as soon as possible. 
The Pre-assessment Group Session is an important step in your treatment led by Obesity Educators. You will have your starting weight, height and body fat assessment. You will also fill out forms about your health and weight loss history. There will be an opportunity at the end of the session to discuss any queries with one of our physicians.

You will receive recommendations to be carried out before your next visit, such as: 
  • Dietary changes
  • Activity goals
  • Other lifestyle advice for weight loss
You are requested to attend this session. If you miss this appointment, it will delay future appointments. 

Venue: Qatar Metabolic Institute, Building 311, 1st Floor.