Tongue-tie is a condition present at birth that restricts the tongue's range of motion.

With tongue-tie, an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue (lingual frenulum) tethers the bottom of the tongue's tip to the floor of the mouth, so it may interfere with breast-feeding, affect the way a child eats, speaks and swallows

Night Before Surgery:

No solid foods (that includes milk, cream etc.) for 8 hours prior to surgery. Typically this means no solid foods after midnight before the surgery. Small volumes of clear liquid may be drunk up to 4 hours prior to surgery. If your child is still nursing, you may nurse up to 4 hours before surgery.

Hospital Stay:

Tongue tie release is usually done in an out-patient setting and does not require an overnight hospital stay. 

Lab Work:

If needed, basic blood work up will be done before surgery.

Surgical Steps:

Tongue-tie release (frenotomy) is a simple procedure in which the surgeon uses sterile scissors to snip the frenulum free. The procedure is quick and discomfort is minimal since there are few nerve endings or blood vessels in the lingual frenulum.


  • Most children will be able to return home on the day of their surgery.
  • Eating is not usually a problem after surgery. We allow diet as tolerated post- operatively.
  • The child might experience some pain or discomfort after surgery for few days but this is well managed with pain killer which will be prescribed upon discharge.
  • Follow up appointment will be scheduled after 2-3 weeks.


Complications of a frenotomy are rare - but could include

  • bleeding .
  • Damage to the tongue or salivary glands.
  • Scarring or for the frenulum to reattach to the base of the tongue.