​Prior to being admitted to hospital you will receive information about your hospital stay from your primary care physician, assigned nurse or patient educator. You will also receive an admission letter which may have some guidance to help prepare you for admission to hospital. For instance, depending on the reason for your hospital stay, the letter may provide specific instructions as to whether you are able to consume food/drink before your admission.
Contacting the hospital
Please note you are advised to contact the hospital the day before admission to confirm your admission date. This will assist in hospital planning with regards to bed and room allocation. The use of the hospital interpreter service can also be requested prior to admission.
Changes to your admission date
Admission dates cannot be changed other than in urgent circumstances. Patients should contact their primary care physician in these exceptional circumstances. If you are feeling unwell on your admission date you should still report for admission at the hospital.
What should I bring?
For identification purposes, all patients should bring with them a:
  • Valid health card
  • Admission card
  • Passport/ID copies
  • Admission fee for non Qataris
All medical documents and prescriptions you are taking (in their original containers), should be brought to the hospital. Once you have been admitted, the hospital will be able to provide you with prescribed medications. If you require a walking or hearing aid, spectacles or dentures, please bring these with you. 

Additional items can be brought at your own discretion. If you are a non-Qatari resident you are required to pay hospital charges and so should also bring money for the payment of these fees. Other patients may wish to bring a small amount of money for buying items they would like to purchase within the hospital.
Further information
A Patient and Family Handbook, containing further information for patients and visitors can be obtained from the Nesma’ak Patient Help Desk or the Admitting Department/ Nurse’s Station.