​The Anesthesia Department provides anesthesia/sedation during surgical, radiological or medical procedures using general or loco-regional anesthesia/sedation.

All patients scheduled to receive anesthesia/sedation are evaluated. This ensures that patients with urgent requirements are anesthetized as soon as possible. The Anesthesia Clinic is available for evaluating people scheduled for planned or elective surgery. 

We have a committed team of consultants and specialists who provide anesthesia for all age groups and deliver consistently high levels of patient care. Our team is an integral part of The Cuban Hospital’s wider services and we work collaboratively with many departments to ensure the highest standard of care to our patients. 


Clinic Name: Anesthesia


Clinic Hours of Service: Sunday to Thursday 8am to 11.20am 


Location: Outpatient Department - Counter 3


Contact: Outpatient receptionist

Telephone: (+974) 4015 7888 


Fax: (+974) 4015 7770 


Please note that our emergency services (urgent care) are offered at any time, including after clinic hours, on weekends and holidays at the Emergency department of The Cuban Hospital.