​Outpatient Department Opening Hours
The Outpatient Department is open from Sunday to Thursday between 7am and 3pm.
New Outpatients
Please bring the following documents at the time of your first appointment: 
  • Valid Health Card
  • Referral letter(s).
  • Personal identification eg passport, Qatar ID or Driving License.
  • If scheduled for maternity care – sponsor’s letter or copy of a marriage certificate or other proof of marriage document is required. Single patients are exempt.
  • Previous Appointment Cards (if applicable).
  • Current medications in their original containers.
Returning Patients
Please bring the following documents at the time of your appointment: 
  • Valid Health Card 
  • Referral letter for additional specialty referral, if applicable.
  • Appointment Cards.
  • Current medications in their original containers.
On the Day of Your Appointment 
We ask that you arrive half an hour before your specified appointment time to complete the following steps: 
  • Report in at the Outpatient Main Reception Desk or if a regular outpatient, to your Clinic Reception Desk to let staff know you have arrived.
  • For all non-Qatari patients, fees for the appointment are required. Proceed to the Cashiers’ Office to make payment and get a payment receipt. You have the option to pay by credit, debit and QNC eCASH card (which can be obtained from some QNB branches) when attending appointments, to pay for some services. 
  • Return to the Reception Desk where, on receiving your payment receipt, the receptionist will release your file.
  • Go to the individual clinic area or dental area for your appointment.  
We will do our best to ensure that you are seen at your scheduled time. Our staff will keep you informed about your appointment if there is a delay. If you have presented without an appointment, booked patients will have first priority.
Making a Follow-up Appointment
If you require a follow-up appointment, the nurse will write your next appointment in your Appointment Card based on your doctor’s instructions. You must take this card to the Reception Desk to complete the registration for this appointment.
Cancelling an Appointment
There is normally a waiting list for outpatient appointments. If you are not able to come to your appointment, we urge you to let us know at least two days before the date of your appointment. This will allow us to allocate the available time to another patient. Please call us on 4439 5777 to cancel or change your appointment.
Checking your Appointment Online 
You can view information for any appointments that you are booked for at the HMC website here . (You will need your HMC-patient ID number and your Qatari ID number).
Tests and Procedures
The doctor who sees you may recommend additional tests and procedures immediately following your appointment. The nurse will direct you to the department where you can complete these. 
If the request is urgent, you will have to return to the Reception Desk in the clinic after you finish the tests or procedures and wait to see the doctor to discuss the results. If the tests are not urgent, the results will be placed in your medical record and your doctor will discuss them with you at your next appointment.
The Pharmacy is located next to the main entrance to the hospital and is open from 7am to 3pm. When you take your doctor’s prescription to the Pharmacy they will give you a receipt so that you can pay at the Cashiers’ Office, located near the Pharmacy.
The pharmacist will explain how the drugs work and will tell you about the correct dosage, the best time for taking your medication and any possible side effects that may occur. 
Please feel free to ask the pharmacist any questions.