All HMC employees wear an identification badge on their uniform. It is important that you know your caregivers and that you talk with them and understand and participate actively in your own care and recovery process. Please feel free to ask anyone involved with your care for their name, their profession and about the care you or your family member is receiving. If you have any doubts about anyone who has approached you, don’t hesitate to tell the head nurse/nurse in-charge of the unit or to contact Security Services.

Medical Staff
Every patient has a specialist medical team that takes responsibility for their diagnosis, treatment and care. This team can include any combination of doctors in the consultant, senior specialist, specialist, clinical associate, resident and intern grades and possibly medical students too.
Nurses in our inpatient departments work across the 24 hour period in three shifts. During your stay at Al Wakra Hospital you will be assigned a specific nurse for each shift who will be responsible for your individual care. At the beginning of each shift, you will meet the assigned nurse and she or he will have received a detailed handover report from the previous nurse. These handovers between nurses are important to ensuring safe, high quality care and effective continuity of care.

Every patient care area in the hospital has a head nurse. If you have any queries or concerns during your stay you should ask to speak to the head nurse, nurse in-charge or nursing supervisor. They are responsible for making sure that every patient’s care plan is followed correctly.

Other important members of the nursing team are the case managers whose role is to facilitate and co-ordinate care for individual patients between and across departments and to support those patients who have particular needs when it comes to leaving hospital.
Allied Health Professionals and Clinical Support Staff
Allied health professionals are clinical therapists with specific training and skills who help ensure the best possible outcomes for patients following injury, illness or surgery. Allied health professionals are currently working at Al Wakra Hospital in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy and social services. We also have clinical support staff trained to undertake specific medical treatments, as directed by the doctors. These include emergency medical technicians, phlebotomists (who collect blood samples) and ECG technicians (who measure activity of the heart).