Q. Is there a diverse population living in Qatar?
A. More than 2.6 million people live in Qatar. Approximately 300,000 of these are Qatari nationals, with the rest being expatriate workers from around the world. Wherever you are from – Australia, India, Canada, England, Philippines, Jordan – you will be able to join a community from your own nation. The wonderfully diverse make up of Qatar’s population means that residents get to experience and learn about other cultures and this is an element of life in Qatar which residents often enjoy the most. 

Q. Is Qatar a good place for families with young children? 
A. Qatar is considered a very safe and welcoming country for families with young children. There are lots of activities to keep children entertained and in general children are welcomed wherever you go. Qatar’s positive work-life balance means parents often get to spend more time with their children in Qatar than they would in their home countries. Additionally, the hot and sunny climate – while very hot during the peak summer months – allows you and your children to enjoy life outside for much of the year. 

Q. What is the education system like for expatriate children?
A. Qatar offers an advanced education system with more than 100 schools. Many of these are international schools teaching curriculums from various countries including America, Britain, Philippines, India and France. As Qatar’s population has expanded, so too has the number of schools in the country. 

Q. What kind of sporting activities are available?
A. For people who enjoy sport there is certainly no lack of opportunity in Qatar. There are clubs for almost every sport imaginable: cycling, tennis, padel tennis, sailing, golf, football, rugby, kite surfing, netball, martial arts, swimming, and horse riding, to name just a few. Qatar’s commitment to sport has also led to the country hosting many top international sports events, including golf, tennis, athletics and motorcycle racing. 

Q. Is there a wide range of things to do outside of work in Qatar?
A. There is a large variety of things to enjoy in your free time outside of work. Qatar has many modern shopping malls in which residents can relax and socialize away from the sun and heat. Public and private beaches, as well as the many landscaped parks, provide the opportunity for residents to enjoy outdoor activities in scenic surroundings. If you feel like a bit of adventure, you can take an off road trip into Qatar’s picturesque desert to experience something truly different. Due to its diverse population, Qatar’s dining scene offers cuisines from all around the globe, from fine dining in five star hotels and traditional Arabic dining in the famous Souq Waqif, to delicious, easy-on-your-wallet cafes.