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Release of Medical Information Requiring Patient Consent
  • Confidential information may be released to the patient or any other person authorized in writing by him or his/her legal guardian in case he/she is a minor or legally incompetent in accordance with HMC policy and applicable law and as determined by Informed Consent, CL 7226 and Privacy Confidentiality and Access to Health Information, OP 4042.
  •  The patient or his/her representative as mentioned in paragraph (1) duly fills up the Consent for Release of Medical Information form online.
  •  The requester submits the online request along with the attachment of copy of QID/Passport of the patient and copy of the QID/Passport of patient's representative with an authorization letter (if a representative is requesting) as mentioned in paragraph (1).
  • The patient or his/her representative must present the original QID/Passport of the patient and QID/Passport of the patient's representative with authorization letter (if a representative is requesting) to the staff member of Health Information Management at the time of collection.
  • Persons mentioned in paragraph (1) above shall be responsible for all liabilities and claims which may be initiated against the Hamad Medical Corporation by cause of obtaining medical information.
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