Sanjiv Manek
Oxford -UK

Dr. Sanjiv Manek, FRCPath, CCT, is a renowned Consultant Gynaecological Pathologist at Oxford University Hospitals and has held the position of Senior Lecturer at Oxford University since 1995. With an extensive workload encompassing all aspects of gynaecological pathology, including major oncological surgical pathology, Dr. Manek has established a prominent reputation in the field. Known for his large referral practice, Dr. Manek has made significant contributions as the Lead for Gynaecological Cancer Pathology.

Currently, Dr. Manek serves as the Medical Lead for Cervical Screening Histology in the Oxfordshire Region. Previously, he held the position of Medical Lead for Cervical Screening Cytology and also served as the Quality Assurance Pathologist for South England. Further adding to his illustrious career, Dr. Manek has assumed the role of Clinical Director of Examinations at the RCPath. He has been honored with invitations to act as an external examiner in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, reflecting his expertise and stature in the field.

In addition to his roles at Oxford University, Dr. Manek holds the position of Clinical Lead of Cellular Pathology in Swindon, demonstrating his commitment to advancing pathology practices beyond his primary affiliations. Driven by a passion for education, he actively engages in training medical students and trainees in Cellular Pathology, contributing to the development of future pathologists. Furthermore, Dr. Manek is actively involved in research encompassing a broad range of projects in gynaecological pathology, furthering the understanding and advancement of the field. His vast experience extends to medico-legal matters within gynaecological pathology, adding a valuable dimension to his expertise.