Ms. Al Anoud Ali Al Fehaidi

HMC - Nutrition

ALAnoud ALFehaidi is graduated with a Bachelor of science Degree in Human Nutrition from Qatar university, in 2009. joined HMC in October 2010.

Ms. ALFehaidi is Clinical Dietitian Supervisor, in Rumailha ,Enaya Specialized Care Centre (ESCC) 1&2 ,RCC1 and DAAM Specialized Care Centre at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar.

She is an active member of several committees, which focus on patient care, safety and management. also uses a patient-centred and holistic approach to nutritional disease management, implies Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and motivational interviewing techniques with distressed, resistant and hostile patients during his clinical reasoning. She is official preceptor for students from Qatar University affiliated to the Department of Health Sciences - Human Nutrition Program , undertaken The Student Supervisory Skills Course to provide training to students and also to facilitate transition of newly qualified dietitians to autonomous qualified practitioners.

Ms. ALFehaidi completed quality courses like HHQI’S intermediate quality improvement course (IQIC) 2021, Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) Cycle 12 – 2017, and fundementals of quality improvement course.

Ms. ALFehaidi graduated from international courses like Certificate Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review from American college of lifestyle medicine 2021, Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine of Clinical Medicine from Weill Cornell Medical College –Qatar, Certificate Health & Wellness Empowerment from college of the north Atlantic –Qatar 2020, Certificate from college of the north Atlantic –Qatar about Leadership in Healthcare 2020 and certificate in clinical nutrition from Weill Cornell Medical College –Qatar.

Ms. ALFehaidi possesses extensive experience and skills in teaching and he has regularly been involved in developing and teaching Nutritional Essential modules to doctors, nurses, health care assistance and other allied health professionals. The aim of this programme is to enhance their knowledge and understanding on current dietary trends and practices and to enable them to provide up to date quality care to their patients.

Ms. ALFehaidi has been actively involved and leading many of quality project and clinical research in long term and geriatric also she was speaker in different international conferences and webinar.

Ms. ALFehaidi has developed patient care protocols on medical nutrition therapy and clinical practice guideline . Ms. ALFehaidi has was the recipient of the award from the official corporate program of ‘Stars of Excellence’ for 3 consecutive years.

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