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Dr. James Laughton

Senior Consultant 

Dr. James Laughton is the Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service Group Head of Clinical Governance, Risk Management & Quality Improvement, Senior Consultant in Family Medicine and an Institute for Healthcare Improvement-trained Improvement Advisor.

His interests include the application of the Model for Improvement, Statistical Process Control, High Reliability Organisations in Healthcare, Machine Learning in Quality and Safety, Human Factors in Healthcare, Safety Culture and Event Reporting. His previous experience has included Medical Director roles in the UK Pharmaceutical Industry and clinical roles in the UK National Health Service.

Dr James has diverse experience with a passion for supporting people in their Quality and Patient Safety journeys. Proudly an Improvement Advisor trained by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, prompting a never-too-late enthusiasm for learning more about W. Edwards Deming and how his teaching can be applied today.

Actively involved in coaching and mentoring teams in ‘The Toyota Way’ or ‘Lean Culture’, continuous improvement, Deming and others, Dr James enjoys encouraging others to see the joy that comes from an improvement mindset. 

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