Mr. Khaldoun Alfuqaha

Director of Nursing/Midwifery (CF) 

Mr. Khaldoun Alfuqaha has served as a nursing director for more than 12 years in the GCC, in addition to serving as a head nurse for more than 12 years in Jordan. He studied at a nearby college in his hometown and graduated with a master's in health care administration. Upon graduation, he started working as a director of nursing at King Abdullah Medical City in Saudi Arabia, King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia, and Hamad Medical Company (AWH) in Qatar. He showed outstanding knowledge and abilities in management and leadership during his time in the GCC. Flexible and quick to adjust to changes in the workplace, schedule, and surroundings, able to get along well with others. Advocate for the rights of patients. enthusiastic and diligent and conducts responsible work. capable of making decisions quickly and exercising critical thought. Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous quality improvement initiatives and has worked as a surveyor for CBAHI in KSA. He contributed to the development of many patient safety policies and procedures, and he has engaged in various accrediting processes in Jordan and KSA. He attended various quality conferences in the GCC and the United States.

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