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Dr. Khalid Al-Jalham

Director, Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) 

Dr. Khalid is currently a Senior Consultant in Urology Surgery, the Director of Ambulatory Care Center, and the Assistant Head of the Department of Urology in Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). He completed his fellowship in Uro-Oncology and Minimally Invasive Surgery (Robotic surgery) at Heidelberg University Clinic, Germany. His passion and dedication in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care has inspired him to publish several research papers on Urology in different peer reviewed international journals. Furthermore, he also takes part of molding the next generation of doctors as an Assistant professor at the Weill Cornel University.

A successful leader and an accomplished doctor, Dr. Khalid is also a sport enthusiast. He is passionate about diving, swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon among others. He is one of the first Qataris who successfully completed one of the most difficult challenges of swimming across the English Channel that is also known as 'La Manche'. His journey with Planetree Certification started as the Executive Champion for the Person-Centered Care (PCC) in Ambulatory Care Center in 2018 and was awarded fellowship by the Planetree International in 2021. In his leadership, the Ambulatory Care Center have become a leading Person-Centered healthcare environment that received the First Person-Centered Care Gold-Certified facility in Hamad Medical Corporation.

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