Dr. Najla Zaouya

Family Medicine Registrar

I am a family physician, I have graduated from Tunisia and I am currently working in Saudi Arabia. I am a highly personable and patient-focused Family physician who is committed to improving the access and quality of medical provision within the community. I have been considered an engaging trainer of medical students and passionately committed to developing and advancing the careers of others within a team, as I have been one of the pioneer of the first cohort of English teaching medical school is Tunisia.

I am patient, compassionate, and caring when treating and counselling my patients in practice, making them feel they are in good hand. I am passionate about healthcare improvement. 

Throughout my humble carrier, I learned how to apply the patient centred approach, which helped me to develop enormously. I am interested in Women Health in all its aspects and promoting health access worldwide. I love equestrian and am keen on writing songs. I speak Arabic, French, English, German and Spanish. Learning languages is the way to learn about the diverse cultures.
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