Shahla Nabi

Nursing Educator-I (CF) 

I am working at ambulatory care center (ACC) in education Departement as nursing educator, with 22 years’ experience in HMC/nursing Departement.

I am holding bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s degree in general psychology

I joined HMC on 2001 as staff nurse at women’s hospital, then as acting charge nurse at HGH /gastrointestinal outpatient unit and then as nurse educator till present

I am responsible for education in clinical and classroom settings to the ACC staff nurses

I contribute to the design, delivery, and evaluation of high-quality evidence-based continuing, in-service related to an area of practice and staff needs.

Along with education I am involved in some quality activities reflect standards, policies and competency formulation related to nurses’ education needs, such as sepsis, staff qualification and education, patient and family education and code blue management.

As I led nursing SQE/ JCI chapter for more than 4 years at ACC, so i came up with my current presentation!

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