Mr. Sharin Varghese

Clinical Nurse/Midwife Specialist Intern (CF)

Mr. Sharin K Varghese, Heart failure Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), HMC

I'm a clinical nurse specialist dedicated to improving outcomes of patient care. The primary role is counseling, education, research, and consultation, and use these roles to influence the three spheres of practice: patient care, nursing, and the system.

Education Background

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2007 and my Master of Science in cardiothoracic nursing in 2011. In addition, I completed my postgraduate training in counseling psychology in 2020. Currently, I am a Ph.D. scholar in psychology.

Work Experience and Achievement

Mr. Sharin k. Varghese, Heart failure Clinical Nurse Specialist Intern (HF CNS) at the Heart Hospital. In 2015, I began my profession at HMC as a staff nurse in the High Dependency Unit-C, and in 2019, I was promoted to HF CNS intern. In addition to my significant clinical expertise, I have participated in numerous quality improvement initiatives. I have frequently volunteered for committees and constantly give ideas for the delivery of quality and safe care to patients. In conjunction with the HH MDT, I possess a unique blend of excellent nursing abilities and seek to give the highest quality of health care.

Time Remaining

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