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Dr. Yorck Olaf Schumacher

Yorck Olaf Schumacher tried to be professional athlete but failed due to lacking talent, so he completed his medical studies in Germany and South Africa. He somehow obtained a specialisation in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine and has worked in elite Sports as Team physician for German National Teams in different sports for a decade. (This was easier than to work with real patients, as athletes rarely get very sick). Burned out from elite Sports, he moved to Qatar and is currently the head of Internal Medicine and Emergency Services at Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha. Because Doctors have lots of free time, he also engaged in research. Most of his studies were pretty irrelevant, but some of his work contributed to the implementation of the Athlete Biological Passport in elite Sports. Among other functions in international organisations, he is the chairman of the WADA Athlete Biological Passport Expert group.

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