​Nursing Department

Nurses at Communicable Disease Center (CDC) are playing a central role to deliver an effective professional evidence-based practice to each patient with the infectious disease.

Nursing Department leadership at CDC has taken the initiative in many quality improvement programs by formulating Nursing Quality & Practice Committee, Documentary Advisory committee, Workforce Committee, Education Professional Development Committee, and Nursing Research Committee to enhance safety and quality in hospital care and to increase patient satisfaction.

CDC Nursing services covered Inpatient Units, Outpatient Departments, and Community Services.

Nurses in Inpatients Units are working closely with the multidisciplinary team in maintaining infection control standards to provide holistic care for 65 patients admitted in either Negative or Positive single isolation rooms within the age group with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases.

The Nursing Outpatient Department provides services for approximately 500 patients daily including consultation TB Clinic, Travel Clinic, Contact Screening, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS), Triage clinic and Community Supervise Therapy (CST).

The Nursing Community services also staff a hotline for Voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, Community Supervise Therapy (CST) in addition to awareness days for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Tuberculosis (TB).