OPAT is a program that delivers intravenous (iv) antimicrobial drugs to patients in an outpatient setting as an alternative to inpatient care which significantly improves the quality of healthcare services. OPAT service Launch on 20th January 2020 by Dr. Muna Al Maslamani /Medical Director of CDC.

The OPAT service run seven days a week, operated by multidisciplinary team include ID physician, clinical pharmacist and Registered Nurse, to ensure enhancing the patient experience and enable patients to continue their treatment in the outpatient setting who are fit to be outpatients - and who meet a criteria set by the OPAT service.

 This program allows to treat a range of infections, including Diabetic foot infections, pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infections, Osteomyelitis, uncomplicated UTI bacteremia and meningitis.

ID physician will accept the patient from treating Doctor and prescribed electronically appropriate antimicrobial therapy.
Patient who referred to OPAT service will be initial evaluated and assessed by OPAT nurse and physician, Pharmacy will verify the order and dispense the antibiotics.

Registered nurse will provide relevant patient education and ensure he will be undergoing for clinical laboratory monitoring during treatment and ensure seven rights of medication are met each time, then will administer the antibiotics by using IV Pump that regulate the flow of IV solution electronically with great accuracy and ensure he will have follow up schedule till complete his course and discharge.