When you arrive at the hospital you should proceed to the Admitting Department. Please note that the reception area is both for men and women. It is preferred that friends or relatives accompany you on your admission day, although it is not compulsory. 

Information you may be asked for on admission:
  • ​Admission papers, Qatar ID, valid health card or any other patient identification papers 
  • Signed and stamped blood donation form by the blood bank if you are due for surgery
You will be given the opportunity to provide emergency contact details of friends or relatives at the admission reception, which will be encoded on your admission sheet.
Healthcare team
If you have any questions or problems during your stay you should contact the physician, unit in-charge nurse or assigned nurse who will discuss all treatments and procedures with you and provide an appropriate explanation.
Inpatient care
You will be asked to provide written consent for certain procedures and for any surgery you may need during your stay. The attending physician will clearly explain and discuss the procedure/ surgery so that you understand and are able to make a decision about the proposed treatment and/ or surgery. Patients are allowed to refuse treatment or tests once the consequences of refusal have been clearly explained by medical staff. As Hamad General Hospital is a teaching hospital, medical students and researchers make an important contribution to the development and advancement of the hospital. If you do not wish medical students to be part of an element of your care, please notify your assigned nurse. This is also the case if wish to be omitted from teaching or research programs.
Room allocation
Two types of patient rooms are available in Hamad General Hospital; private rooms which accommodate one patient and common rooms which accommodate four to five patients. Every effort will be made to offer private rooms to Qatari patients but on the odd occasion this may not be possible, private rooms will be allocated as soon as they become available. 
Non-Qatari patients will be admitted to a common room unless he/she needs an isolation room due to medical reasons (as per physicians' orders). Admission of a non-Qatari patient to a private room for medical reasons will be free of charge. 
If non-Qatari patients wish to be admitted to a private room, arrangements should be made via the Admitting Department and patients should make an advanced payment six days prior to admission/ transfer to a private room.
All patients’ rooms have a TV with cable access. Wi-Fi is available in all wards and public spaces of the hospital. 
Please note that there are no laundry services/facilities on the ward as the hospital has its own laundry facility. Clean hospital linen and towels will be provided on the wards. Mobile phones are permitted on the hospital wards.
Patient Food Service
We offer an in-room food service with three meals and two snacks daily for our patients. Special dietary needs are met as per the advice of dietetic staff and/ or on Doctors’ orders. Patients can select from the options in the menu.  
Though the following outlines general timings of usual meals and procedures, patient services can be extended to accommodate their needs and special services. 
Breakfast: 6.30am to 7.30am 
Snack: 9am to 9.30am 
Lunch: 11.30am to 12.30pm 
Snack: 3pm to 3.30pm 
Dinner: 6.30pm to 7.30pm 
Snack: 9pm 
Routine Doctor’s rounds are conducted between 9am and 12pm, whilst scheduled medical procedures are performed between 7am and 3pm. Nursing care is provided continuously for 24 hours every day.
Please note that no long term parking facilities are currently provided by the hospital but there are spaces for patients and visitors including our multi-story car park
Smoking restrictions
As per Qatar Law, smoking is prohibited in all public areas including the wards and all HMC grounds. All hospitals within HMC are smoke free. This smoking restriction extends to all staff, patients and visitors. Any person(s) smoking in the hospital or on hospital grounds will be asked by security to immediately cease smoking and a fine may be issued. ​