Providing High-Quality Patient Care

Our nurses at HMC work to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness. They advocate on behalf of their patients and are integral to the delivery of safe and effective healthcare. Their commitment to caring for patients goes beyond the walls of the hospital and into the community.

How we are changing to meet the needs of Qatar’s population

Qatar’s population is continuing to grow and so too is the demand for highly skilled nurses. HMC’s Nursing Strategy supports the modernization of the nursing service and will see the implementation of new ways of working, new roles and new ways of delivering education and training. 

HMC aims to have one of the best nursing services in the world. Every action within the Nursing Strategy 2019-2022 is anchored by the quest for the right staff, educated to the right standards, in the right structure, giving the best care, as part of the Academic Health System.