The Enaya facility was started in 2010 to cater for long term patients. It Started as a skilled nursing facility that translated later to Enaya. Enaya was expanded in 2020 to add Daam as an additional care center. The facility with a specialized set of therapists caters to patients whose recovery remains challenging and require constant care.

Patients in various phases of chronic illness are admitted and are given physiotherapy to prevent secondary complications, to promote possible recovery within the achievable functional domains and enable caretakers to be part of their life. Physiotherapy services adds value to life through meaningful approaches in gentle and focused care at Enaya.

Patients include elderly and long-term patients diagnosed with multiple comorbidities and complaining of Chronic impairments, requiring constant medical care and Ventilator dependent cases.

Services Provided:

  • Inpatient services.
  • Long term care.