Hamad General Hospital started in 1982, is considered as the center of inpatient acute care in Qatar. The hospital houses different medical and surgical facilities including the emergency and critical care units. 

The Physiotherapy Department established in the same year is the epicenter of acute inpatient care that provides services for acutely ill patients admitted under various specialties. Having a wide scope of practice, Physiotherapists are constantly on the move catering to mobility needs for patients, facilitating recovery of patients from critical care, accelerating post-operative recovery, enabling early mobilization of acute patients.

The Physiotherapy Department at Hamad General Hospital is committed to delivering high-quality care by playing a major role in the health and wellbeing of patients. 

Patients treated include those requiring therapy for traumatic conditions, preoperative, post-operative, acute   subacute, neurological condition and neuromuscular dysfunctions amongst other conditions that requires inpatient specialized medical service.

Services Provided:

Inpatient – Acute care
  • ICU
  • Medical
  • Surgical